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Lauren Kieffer on Paramount Importance

Lauren Kieffer on Paramount Importance

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Joy Van Noy stumbled upon “adaptogens” by chance, she had suffered for years with debilitating migraines and a friend suggested she try some adaptogenic herbs she had heard about recently. Joy had lived with migraines since the age of 12, with a few years’ migraine free in her 20s, but after she had her first son in 1990 the migraines had returned ferociously for the next 3 years. Having no interest or tolerance in being sick forever, she was cautious, yet opened minded to trying something new. She took the molasses mixture for 7 days and was soon migraine free, “a shadow lifted, and I felt great,” recalls Joy.

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Her husband, Michael, a large animal vet specializing in horses, was doubtful about the adaptogens, but Joy persisted, and he finally relented and tried them out. His veterinary practice had recently gone from 3 partners to solo practitioner, so Michael was coming home exhausted every day after work. Within 10 days of starting the adaptogens though, Michael was coming home feeling so good that he was starting to lace up his running shoes after work to run!

As Joy recalls, “we quickly saw the benefits of adaptogens for people and then I tried them on my mare, ‘Promise,’ who was very sensitive with lots of muscle tension. Just two weeks after giving them to ‘Promise’ each day, I was riding her when a friend asked who I was riding! ‘Promise’ looked so relaxed and stress-free that she hadn’t recognized her!” So, over the course of the next 6 years Michael and Joy continued to work with adaptogens, it took until 2000 that they were convinced it would support horses nutritionally. “We approached a ton of national companies about this product, we knew it had to be available for horses. We were basically willing to give them the market research, the formula - everything. Everyone we contacted said no, they weren’t interested in the product. We were like the “Little Red Hen Company” ... Who will help me? Not I, Not I!” laughs Joy. Knowing that this was an important find for equines everywhere, the Van Noys prepared to launch a company to distribute the mixture and by the end of 2000, labels were made, and they were ready to hit the market.

At first, adaptogens were a hard sell for some equestrians, as many weren’t convinced that their horses were “stressed” and that the herbs would be helpful. Adaptogenic herbs increase the body’s ability to adapt to the stress of training and competition by regulating cell behavior and smoothing out the highs and lows of the stress response. Adaptogens provide nutritional support for overall wellness and performance.

In 2002, Dr. Eleanor Kellon did a field trial for the Horse Journal on the effects of APF (the original formula) in insulin resistant horses. Horses affected by insulin resistance or, Equine Metabolic Syndrome, are prone to storing excessive amounts of fat over their necks, shoulders, and hind quarters. More importantly, IR, or Equine Metabolic Syndrome horses, have an increased risk of developing laminitis. Dr. Kellon’s study showed that IR horses that were given adaptogens (APF) were better able to access carbohydrates (sugars) from their diet and could utilize stored fat for energy production while on a reduced calorie diet.

There are currently two products in the Auburn Labs line up ...

  • APF - Advanced Protection Formula that supports proper immune function, normal glucose metabolism and overall stress response.

  • APF Pro - Protection and Performance that supports gastric health, muscle development, proper immune function and healthy cellular metabolism.

Joy and Michael are also at work on APF Plus, which is the original formula (APF) with the addition of the Aralia mandschurica for digestive health. “We are getting good feedback on APF Plus that horses display better focus and steady energy - particularly from dressage riders. We should be in production in a few weeks,” said Joy. There is also an adaptogen option for people which is ADAPTA-FUEL, a synergistic blend of herbs called adaptogens taken daily and may help people feel more energetic, while supporting the immune system, providing better mental clarity and an overall improved sense of wellbeing giving people the endurance to power through their day.

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