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Cashe' – The 19h Warmblood and the Power of Energy Healing

Shannon Habenicht


Cathy from Washington, NC, contacted me in March of this year to have a phone session with her 19h warmblood, Cashe’, who was so sensitive to touch that she could no longer groom him, much less ride him.

When turned out, Cashe’, would constantly roll which was out of the ordinary for him. He had previously suffered from Lyme Disease and there was concern that it might be back. 

I start my communication sessions by first tuning into the horse both from an emotional and physical standpoint before I take questions from the owner.

Cathy and Cashe’

Cathy and Cashe’

When I connected with Cashe’, the first thing I saw was an inflamed nervous system and he kept asking me if I could help him. I started doing energy healing on him in hopes of him feeling relief. As I started working on him, I could feel him drawing as much healing energy out of me as he could. I was amazed by his commitment to heal, he truly understood that this healing energy surrounding him was going to help him. After 20 minutes or so, I could feel him start to calm down some. Cathy said that he had lowered his head and stayed that way throughout the session. 

Most of our session was centered around Cashe’ however, as is typical of my sessions, I also worked on Cathy’s anxiety from dealing with Cashe’ and the relationship between the two of them. At the end of the session, I was so intrigued with the depth of commitment I achieved with Cashe’ that I asked Cathy if I could continue to work with him over the next week - he became my case study! I am happy to share that Cashe’ is back to being Cashe’ which has its own challenges (reserved for a different session!) Now though, not only is Cathy grooming him again, she is also riding him again!  

My relationship with my horse has transformed since Cashe' and I had a reading with Lauren! The great thing is he wanted help just as much as I did. She addressed everything I needed help with as well as some things I had not been aware of. I didn't prompt her one bit! She could feel the physical issues immediately and began working her healing energy on him. It wasn't just physical. It was also emotional for both of us. By the end of our session I finally had hope for us as a team again! After I got off the phone with her, I cried my eyes out! I felt so much relief and joy! I can't wait to meet Lauren in person and have her talk to Cashe’ again! I'm just amazed at how much better he is and how our partnership has transformed to a new level. Lauren is truly gifted, and I highly recommend her!

 ~Cathy & Cashe’, Washington, NC

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