Around the Water Trough

The Wingate Way

Shannon Habenicht

By Lauren Wingate


I have communicated with both humans and animals professionally for over 25 years.  I discovered that I had a gift for communicative empathy when I was 12 years old.  As an adult, I realized that this sensitive nature of mine was a very powerful tool, one that could be used to help bridge the gap between humans and their animals.

Since then, I have helped so many people understand their animals, as well as themselves, in a deeper and more meaningful way.  This bridge of communication is profoundly insightful for my clients - both 2 and 4-footed!

My mission is to improve the quality of the relationships that humans have with their animals and for both to have a mutually rewarding relationship.  My passion is the ability to give animals a voice so they can let their humans better understand them. 

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For anyone who wonders if this is legit, here is what I can tell you:

Both times that Lauren has done sessions with me, she has said things about both my horses that she could not have known ANY other way. Things about their history, medical issues that you cannot see by looking at them, they aren’t on my FB page and I fed her ZERO info on these horses.

She definitely brings a calming peace over them as she handles them and in BOTH sessions she has made in depth observations about me and has spent time trying to help me as well.

Overall I think there is absolute legitimacy in what she does and that she will leave you knowing more about your animals (and yourself) and there is value in the ways she can help you. Big and Rocket got to share their stories yesterday.

-Jewell Horton, Manager
Pender County Animal Shelter
Burgaw, NC