Around the Water Trough

We have all known someone who is afraid of horses...

Shannon Habenicht
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We have all known people who are afraid of horses. Horses have the uncanny ability of being able to read our emotions and act on those emotions to either benefit themselves or to benefit those around them.

This is a story in which a horse “volunteered” to help me quell the fear of a young woman who had a lifelong fear of horses. A few years ago, I was hosting an event at a barn in Wilmington, NC. I had worked with several horses and owners that day and during a break, Jess, who was helping me with logistics, confessed her fear of horses to me. WHAT? It was time to remove this lifelong fear immediately! Please enjoy reading about her experience:

Since I was 6 years old, I’ve been terrified of horses. Which is odd, given my extreme love of pretty much every other animal on earth. Lauren guided me into a place of peace and comfort, and I had the astounding pleasure of meeting this beautiful creature in a profoundly different way in comparison to my lifelong fears.

With my eyes closed, I listened to the sounds of the stables, the horses talking to each other, the carpenter bees buzzing. I smelled the hay, the pastures all around me, and the soft, warm smell of horse. I was suddenly overcome with peace. His fur was so soft, a stark contrast to his braided mane, which was coarse. I was guided to run my hands over his back and felt every muscle. I rested my head on his side and felt his calm, contented energy overtook me. I've never known what it's like to not be afraid of a horse ... I don't post many pictures of just myself ... but this picture is so special. Look at my eyes. Look at my smile. This is what inner peace looks like.” 

My work takes me in directions that I do not predict. I am always open to connect animals and people whether it’s the intricate relationship of a high-level dressage horse and rider or someone who is afraid just being near a horse.

My gift of communication is one that I am eternally grateful to have been given.