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Horse Fun Cover Art

Horse Fun Cover Art

Do you dream of having a horse of your own—a four-legged friend who comes when you call and nickers when you’re nearby; who doesn’t judge or pick favorites; who always listens quietly when you need someone to talk to?  When your horse or pony is still in the future and not in the barn outside, learning about how to ride and care for him is the next best thing!

Horse Fun is for all horse-crazy kids, whether you ride “now” or “not yet,” combining real horse knowledge with super-fun games, quizzes, crafts, and activities.  Go to “riding school” and learn the basics of horse care and equitation. Test yourself with equine trivia; make tote bags, picture frames, dream catchers, jewelry, and your very own hobby horse to compete in hobby horse shows with friends! Plus, follow along with Maxi, a horse-crazy kid just like you, who shares her thoughts in a journal you get to read. Having horses in your life is joyful, enriching, exciting … and FUN.  That’s why Horse Fun is the perfect book for both those who love to saddle up, and those who still only have dreams to ride on.  Ages 6 to 12.

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“I liked Horse Fun because it has crafts that you can do as well as information about horses.  I also liked it because it had a bunch of stories about Maxi’s (the main character) life, then on the next page it has facts and suggestions for how you can ride horses, so I learned a lot.  Another thing that was cool was how Maxi gives tips for optional add-ons for the activities.  I loved Horse Fun and Maxi’s horse, ‘Hobbit,’ is adorable.”

— Grace, age 10