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Zully Martinez, at TIEC

It’s clear that husband and wife duo, Sandy and Vince Polentes, founders of Coat Defense are passionate about their work. They were not previously horse people, but health issues and several chance moments helped them bring a product to the equestrian world that benefits horses in many ways. Vince laughs, “we had to learn the correct terms to use in the horse world, to not say ‘shins.’ It was quite an education!”

About 20 years ago, Sandy was having debilitating health issues. After trying multiple doctors, the one who finally got to the bottom of things prescribed a complete detox. Finding nontoxic soap and shampoo was one thing – but there were no effective deodorant options, so Vince created an organic deodorant powder. Their organic line quickly became popular among friends and led to an organic skincare line called Bausc which launched in 2012. The most popular product of their Bausc skincare line was Bausc Cucumber Mint Deodorant Powder, the most effective and natural underarm deodorant on the market today.

Using Coat Defense to treat sunburn – BEFORE + AFTER

In 2016, Zena Byrne (a horse, donkey, and dog lover from the west coast) contacted them asking for an “enormous” container of their deodorant powder. She had used it on her mare, ‘Jade.’ to dry her sweat when it was too cold to hose her off. While using it, she found that it dried and cleared up her rain rot as well, it fell off instantly.

Not being horse people, the Polentes were not sure if “rain rot” was even a real disease! They quickly contacted some friends that owned some horses, they tried the powder on a few horses with rain rot and within hours they were calling asking for more ... the rain rot had simply started falling off, just like Zena had said. After successfully testing the powder at several area barns, Sandy and Vince went on to create a paste that helps heal scratches on horses’ legs. In the simplest terms, Coat Defense draws the moisture out in an infected area. While it’s a straightforward concept, it’s quite revolutionary, “a game changer,” as Vince states, “we like to say that we are human tested, horse approved!”

Within 2 years, some of the nation’s top grooms, riders and veterinarians were using, and highly recommending, Coat Defense to combat skin issues including rain rot, scratches, itchy reactions/hives, bug bites, wounds and proud flesh. As Sandy says, “our goal is to have our product in every barn, in every medicine cabinet. There is nothing better than using a product on a person, dog or horse and seeing an immediate result. If we can get our product out economically and help people and animals, that’s what it’s all about for us.”

Zena Byrne and her first pony

Zena Byrne and her first pony

In fact, Coat Defense works so well that when they were working on an ad campaign recently, they checked with their customers and couldn’t find any horses with rain rot – they all used Coat Defense and had clear skin!

Of course, you never see a barn or rider without a few dogs in tow, so throughout the years, people began using the products on their dogs too. Again, the powder and paste did their job, so Coat Defense is expanding their line to cover the canines in your life too. Zena Byrne is also one of the founders of the company and she’s the wise voice behind any of your Facebook and website questions about product usage and any specific issues you have with your four-legged friends!

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