Around the Water Trough

Jump In and Engage with the Eventing Riders Association of North America

By Helen Murray


“USEF”, “FEI”, “USEA”, “15-Penalty Rule”, “CCI Short”, “CCI Long” and “OTTB” are all terms and phrases discussed at eventing competitions and in the equestrian sports community. The Eventing Riders Association of North America invites everyone to introduce “ERA of NA” into your eventing vocabulary!

The ERA of NA works to assimilate and leverage the collective voice of North America's riders, equine professionals, and owners in pursuit of enhancing and growing the sport of Eventing in North America. In cooperation with members, governing bodies, related committees and organizers, the ERA of NA works to improve the overall safety, welfare, visibility, and growth of the sport.

ERA of NA is unique to many of the organizations and governing Bodies in North America as it works independently to serve as the voice of the rider and the sport’s constituency. Modeled after the Eventing Riders Association UK and ERA International, ERA of NA partners with riders, owners and stakeholders to positively impact change and improve the sport of eventing in North America.

Led by a diverse Board of Directors including Olympic and World Championship veterans, top adult amateurs, event organizers, and owners, the ERA of NA looks at and addresses issues from all angles.

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“The ERA of NA is a very important organization to have in our sport of Eventing, as it gives the riders a voice that can help make actual change. Most professional sports have players associations, why should Eventing be any different? ERA of NA gives us that in this country and abroad,” states ERA of NA President and Pan American Team Gold Medalist Shannon Lilley.

As part of the ERA of NA’s mission to be the voice of the rider, the Organization has created a Rider Representative Program at events throughout North America. At various events throughout the year, ERA of NA will announce reps who work with their fellow competitors to discuss potential issues or answer questions. This representative also works with the organizers, event staff and officials to provide feedback regarding critical aspects of the competitions and areas for improvement.


In addition to being the voice of the rider the ERA of NA also has introduced programs to benefit riders at all levels and all eventing enthusiasts.

Professional Accident and Disability Insurance: Accident & Disability Insurance is a benefit of professional level memberships for riders of all disciplines, grooms, farriers, course builders, and professionals in equine-related fields.

Adult Amateur Gem Award: This program is intended to recognize Adult Amateur members for their accomplishments at the Beginner Novice through Advanced levels. After completing the predetermined number of Qualifying Rides, program participants will be eligible to receive a Gem Pin to be worn on their stock-tie or lapel denoting their accomplishments and consistency at the level.


Triple Crown Prelim to Pro Championships: The Triple Crown Nutrition Prelim to Pro Team Championships works to establishes the foundations of becoming a reliable team member and horseman. Young riders gain individual and team experience through educational seminars and professional mentoring.

The Eventing Radio Show: The premier and longest running podcast about the thrilling equine sport of Eventing. A bi-monthly podcast that brings you the finest in news and interviews about one of the toughest equine disciplines hosted by Max Corcoran, Joe Meyer, Liz Halliday-Sharp, and Paul Tapner.

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