Around the Water Trough

Fashion Friday

Whether you are riding your horse, hitting the grocery after a trip to the barn or heading out for a date night ... there is always an opportunity to add a little equestrian style to your look!  Every Friday, ‘Fashion Fridays’ will feature the hottest brands from around the equestrian world – from jewelry to clothing to handbags!  Time to get your fashion on!



If anyone reading this has ever been in my shop, you will notice that I am in love with shoes. Shoes to me are the final polish on an outfit. The cherry on the sundae so to speak. You may be wearing a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Throw on a great pair of boots, and the entire look changes. That’s the magic of shoes! 


Is it possible to wear a super chic pair of stilettos and not have your feet, back and knees hurt? I never thought it was until about 4 years ago when I met the brilliant owner and artist behind the company, Zeyzani. I adore this company, her product and her business style. Hand made in Turkey; these shoes are artwork for your feet. The stilettos are high. In the 3.5”-5” range predominantly. DO NOT BE AFRAID!  Just like your age is just a number, so is a heel height with Zeyzani. There is a superbly designed platform on the shoe that eliminates a huge part of the “feel” of the heel height. 

The babettes (flats) are stunning as well. Think of a buttery soft slipper. That is what the leather feels like on the flats, boots and stilettos. The patterns and materials used in the making of the shoes are bar none.  Unique does not even begin to describe them. I have customers that are International 3 Day Event riders, moms, grandmothers and everyone in between. Don’t tell yourself you don’t have an occasion to wear something like these shoes or that you would fall. You never know until you try. If you like them, go for it. After all, life is far too short to wear boring shoes! 

Before ... Definitely not the worst we’ve seen her!

Black Petticoat