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Fashion Friday

Whether you are riding your horse, hitting the grocery after a trip to the barn or heading out for a date night ... there is always an opportunity to add a little equestrian style to your look!  Every Friday, ‘Fashion Fridays’ will feature the hottest brands from around the equestrian world – from jewelry to clothing to handbags!  Time to get your fashion on!

“Ride Right” with RHD’s Stretchy Wristbands | Ride Heels Down

Harley Bailey and The Lexington

Whether you need a little laugh or a big burst of encouragement, Ride Heels Down’s “Ride Right” wristbands won’t ever let you down.

Soft and stretchy, Ride Heels Down’s “Ride Right” reversible wristbands feature great sayings and cute designs that are the perfect accessory to any riding outfit.

Great gifts for yourself, your barn bestie, coach, student, friend, and more. The $10 price point makes Ride Heels Down’s wristbands easily affordable, too, so you can buy a bunch for your whole barn!

The two-sided design means you can flip the wristband to choose which side you see – either the message or the pattern. Currently, the wristbands are available in two awesome designs:
• RHD’s classic “Have A Great Ride”
• The funny “Suck It Up, Buttercup”


Back when Ride Heels Down first started, owner Ainsley Jacobs had some trouble with confidence on course. Falls, failures, and fear all meant she wasn’t “riding right.” Ainsley’s good friend, Beth Clymer, had a custom nameplate bracelet made as a gift to help inspire her. It was inscribed with “#BAMF” (which stands for Bad Ass … well, you get the idea!) and wearing it while riding really helped Ainsley to remember she could get through the challenges.

The original #BAMF bracelet actually inspired the popular Ride Heels Down #BAMF t-shirt, as Ainsley wanted to pay it forward and help others to realize their inner #BAMF.

Beth, ironically, also plays a big part in another one of Ride Heels Down’s designs… she’s the rider featured in the artwork used in the “Have A Great Ride” collection!


Another one of Ainsley’s good friends, Mary Campbell, also runs a fun equestrian shop – Mare Goods. Mary and Ainsley ride together, their horses turn out together, and they bounce ideas back and forth. So, when Mary started having wristbands made, she suggested Ainsley do the same.

Thanks to Mary’s encouragement, and Beth’s original inspiration, the Ride Heels Down “Ride Right” wristbands were created as a way to help all equestrians to “ride right” and to “have a great ride” or just to “suck it up, buttercup.” It’s truly been a team effort as to how these were created!

Put a little humor and positivity into your next ride with a cute and friendly reminder that you got this with a Ride Heels Down “Ride Right” wristband!

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