Around the Water Trough

Fashion Friday :: Grab Your Rain Gear! 

Whether you are riding your horse, hitting the grocery after a trip to the barn or heading out for a date night ... there is always an opportunity to add a little equestrian style to your look!  Every Friday, ‘Fashion Fridays’ will feature the hottest brands from around the equestrian world – from jewelry to clothing to handbags!  Time to get your fashion on!

The All-Weather Rider by Asmar Equestrian ... This is the ultimate rain jacket.


I have personally worn mine to the barn, riding, to the movies and to the office. It goes anywhere and everywhere. The jacket has hidden zipper gussets that transform into a “skirt” of sorts to cover most saddles in the front and back. When not in use, they snap back out of the way. Not a rider? No worries. It also covers your bum and your lap at a football game in the rain without feeling like you are in a straitjacket.

The design is flattering, yet efficient. Something that Asmar has down to a science. There are primarily two types - the seam sealed and the original, which is available in lightweight as well. The seam sealed jackets are 100% waterproof. The original All-Weather Rider is labeled water-resistant with a Dintex membrane, but I personally have sat in a downpour for hours, and I was bone dry. Both styles have removable hoods (yeah, the hood fits over your riding helmet!), 3M reflective safety piping at the back and zippered chest and side pockets. Admittedly, this jacket is not cheap. It ranges between $340 - $448. This jacket is worth every penny, however. We routinely have customers walk in our shop wearing their All-Weather Rider and tell us the jacket is 4 years old, 5 years old. The jacket still looks to be in perfect shape.

If you are in the market for a rain jacket, and if you need a specific size, let us know. We sell these regularly and quickly. Black, navy and moss are the current colors. No matter where I go, if there is a chance of rain, this jacket is in my bag. It is by far my favorite rain jacket.

Before ... Definitely not the worst we’ve seen her!

Black Petticoat