Around the Water Trough

Hedge and Turf: Catching up with Robert Stucky

“It doesn't take long to notice the strong connection Robert shares with his family of equestrians… In business since 2013, his is the third farm to be named ‘Hedge & Turf.’ His grandmother still runs Hedge & Turf North in Ann Arbor, MI, and mother Carone runs Hedge & Turf South in Cherryville, NC." {Click here to read more!}

What’s So Great About Tevis

“'...for you Tevis dreamers, and I know you’re out there: Life is so very short. It’s good to get a little dirty every now and then. I double-dog dare ya.'” {click to read more!}

Bree and “Chicho” Rosales

"…they came into the world of horses in different ways, but after 10 years of marriage they have found a way to mix business and pleasure…" {click to read more!}

Get to Know ‘Ride Heels Down’

"Started as a “lightbulb moment” mid-jump, I got nervous but told myself ‘put your heels down and hold on,’ then thought…‘that’s a cool idea for a t-shirt!’" {click to read more!}