Around the Water Trough

Auburn Labs – Taking you where you want to go!

“'We quickly saw the benefits of adaptogens for people and then I tried them on my mare, who was very sensitive with lots of muscle tension. Just two weeks after giving them each day, I was riding when a friend asked who I was riding! ‘Promise’ looked so relaxed and stress-free that she hadn’t recognized her!”" {Click here to read more!}

What’s So Great About Tevis

“'...for you Tevis dreamers, and I know you’re out there: Life is so very short. It’s good to get a little dirty every now and then. I double-dog dare ya.'” {click to read more!}

Bree and “Chicho” Rosales

"…they came into the world of horses in different ways, but after 10 years of marriage they have found a way to mix business and pleasure…" {click to read more!}

Saving Lives with NIGHTWATCH®

"Out of tragedy [losing a beloved show horse overnight to colic] Jeffrey Schab hopes to help save the lives of horses with NIGHTWATCH®." {click to read more!}