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MARSH :: Marvin Association for the Restoration and Sustainability of Wildlife Habitat

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Service and Philanthropy encompasses the equestrian community in a variety of ways, making lands beautiful and safe for wildlife, keeping things “green” and educating the community you live in helps create a safe environment for the 2 and 4 legged beings around you.

Around the Water Trough is pleased to announce that the Village of Marvin, south of Charlotte, has formed a North Carolina Wildlife Federation Chapter. There are six volunteers making plans for future programs and events. The team has named the chapter MARSH (Marvin Association for the Restoration and Sustainability of wildife Habitat). They are also working to make the Village of Marvin a certified Community Wildlife Habitat by registering with the National Wildife Federation (NWF) and laying out plans to attain the necessary points required for certification. With the involvement of the community, the chapter hopes to obtain the necessary points by the end of 2019. Some of the benefits of becoming certified by the NWF:

  • Provides a proven program framework to engage citizens in taking action to make their communities healthier, greener and wildlife-friendly

  • Beautifies a community by creating habitat for wildlife with native wildflowers, trees and shrubs, adding water features such as ponds, and welcoming wildlife such as butterflies and birds.

  • Builds community by educating and engaging community members through projects like installing a wildlife-friendly deominstration garden, conducting a workshop or volunteering to support larger events such as a restoration project or tree planting event.

  • Provides national recognition for a chapters efforts to protect wildlife with opportunities for signage.

Follow their progress and learn more about how you can become involved by going to their Facebook page @MARSHFORWILDLIFE.