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Banixx® Introduces New Wound Care Cream for Horses (and Dogs)

Shannon Habenicht

Banixx®, an innovator and leader in topical antimicrobial sprays and shampoos for pets, great and small, now offers a Wound Care Cream.  It is chlorhexidine-based (2%) and features sea-sourced amino acids (via superior Marine Collagen) and essential extracts (aloe vera, peppermint leaf, eucalyptus, chamomile, arnica, calendula, rosemary and oat kernel). These components fortify fibers, moisturize and repair damage while providing a deep-skin, gentle moisturizing action that is so important in tissue repair. 

The new Banixx® Wound Care Cream, developed at the repeated requests of horse (and dog) owners, is formulated to help horses in the recovery of multiple anti-fungal/anti-bacterial skin conditions such as scratches, rain rot (rain scald), girth, mane & tail itch, and dermatitis. It also is highly effective for wound care, cuts, scrapes, rashes, hot spots and insect bites. 

Banixx® Wound Care Cream contains no alcohol or steroids. Its deeply-moisturizing, soothing action is non-toxic, with no added color or fragrance. It has zero stickiness or oily substances, so it does not attract dirt, dust or debris. The ultra-smooth formula applies effortlessly, begins to work immediately and sets up as a protective, invisible medicated band-aid over the infection.

Banixx® Wound Care Cream is safe for all horses - and dogs too!  For over 13 years, Banixx®, has been the #1 trusted first aid solution for horse and pet owners,  and its new Wound Care Cream is the perfect addition to its “stable” of top-quality products. 

Banixx® was chosen by Horse Journal to be The Editor’s Choice & Top Product of the Year. Banixx fights infections associated with wounds, fungus, scratches, rain rot, ringworm, hot spots, dog/cat ear infections, abscesses, thrush, white line, bacterial & fungal infections, and secondary infections from bug bites and itches. Our products are non-toxic, odorless, and colorless; they do not sting, will not stain or discolor fur/hair, and have proven successful on sensitive animals such as cats, birds, and reptiles. Banixx recently added Banixx® Medicated Shampoo with moisturizing Marine Collagen to its stable of safe and effective anti-microbial products and now rounds it up with a Wound Care Cream. The company is growing in leaps and bounds but continues to pride itself on its premier quality products and unbeatable customer service.

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