Around the Water Trough


Shannon Habenicht, founder of Around The Water Trough


Having grown up with horses - both at her home and boarding and showing at Cedarhill Farm as a child - Shannon got the horse ‘bug’ early and continuously.  It remained through years of college, public relations jobs in Washington, DC, and having two kids, until she could figure out how to saddle up again!

After attending Sweet Briar College and spending several years in DC, Shannon and her husband, Andy, headed back to Charlotte, NC, in 2004. They knew they eventually wanted a horse property, so in 2012 when a project farm in south Charlotte came up for sale - they jumped on it!  

Fast forward a few years and their daughter is a fellow horse lover and aspiring eventer, while their son practically lives on the basketball court. Shannon managed an equestrian publication for five years and recently headed out on her own to launch Around the Water Trough. Around the Water Trough will share the stories of equestrians throughout the region, cover events, check out products, supply training, vet and feed news and focus on all the aspects of the horse industry that we enjoy. AWT is an online gathering place for all things equine! 

Shannon, Andy and the kid’s lives are made whole with their horses - ‘Aleta,’ ‘Dodger,’ and ‘Theo;’ Mini donks - ‘Donkey’ and ‘Riley;’ dogs - ‘Hazel’ and Oakley;’ cats - ‘Charlotte,’ ‘Maverick’ and ‘Sprinkles;’ 2 Clownfish - ‘LeBron’ and ‘Giannis;’ and ‘Shelly’ the sea snail.

Around the Water Trough was launched in June 2019.