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Yeah or Neigh?  –– YEAH! Product Review: Loyal Manure Spreader

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Our new Loyal Manure Spreader, already on the job!

Our new Loyal Manure Spreader, already on the job!

Recently the old manure spreader took its last spin around the farm. The thought of buying a new manure spreader was not enticing, as they can be expensive and, while they are useful around the farm, it’s not the most exciting way to spend your money! The old machine was a used Loyal manure spreader that we purchased several summers years ago. It was dependable and easy to use with our three horses and two miniature donkeys. So, when we started looking for new options, I searched the net and decided that, for our price point and farm needs, Loyal would again be the brand for us.

I contacted Loyal’s customer service department with an e-mail and quickly got a reply regarding my questions. The email was friendly, informative, and answered all my questions as well as providing more information. There were two options for ordering the spreader and having it delivered us. The representative let me know I could order from the Loyal-Roth website ( or use their regional distributor, which was Tractor Supply. I immediately went to the Tractor Supply website ( to see about pricing and shipping options. I easily found the manure spreader I was searching for – the 28 Cu. Ft. Capacity Manure Spreader and placed into my cart. The pricing was very reasonable and for a small shipping fee it would deliver, completely built, to my house within a few days.

We prefer the Loyal manure spreader for many reasons.


First, it was both big enough and small enough for our property. It was big enough to fill for over 5 days before spreading each load. We clean our paddocks/stalls every day so it’s nice to not have to spread the manure every day, this spreader could hold what we needed it to hold. At the same time, it was small enough in that it’s not a super-sized machine that a large boarding barn would require. It’s a great “family farm” option.

Second, it hooks up very easily to our Polaris with a simple drop pin hitch. It’s a heavy piece of equipment, but still light enough to lift to connect to your lawn tractor or Polaris type vehicle.


Third, the tires are substantial and easily cover dry or soggy ground with no problem.

Fourth, it spins and distributes the manure fast. One short drive down the back of our property line and back and the spreader is empty and ready for it’s next load.

Lastly, it’s very easy to use. There are two red levers, one on each side. The one on the left side turns the apron chain on/off to move the manure down the bed, while the lever on the right controls the beater (the rotating arms that spin the manure out the back). Put the levers into the on/off positions as needed and you are set.

Delivery day arrived and the truck easily backed down our driveway, the delivery men were polite and quick and before I knew it, the shiniest manure spreader ever was sitting in my driveway. It was almost to pretty to use, almost. We easily attached the bar with the hitch to the body of the spreader, hooked it up to the Polaris and pulled it back to the barn.

There are many options for manure spreading and containment out there, so when you are looking for a new piece of equipment ask friends and attack the internet for details. Several companies offer financing, delivery options and more, so don’t be afraid to reach out for details and to ask your questions.


Here are some more details from the Loyal-Roth website about the 28 Cu. Ft. Capacity Manure Spreader:

  • 46-1/2" wide spreader pulls right to stall; cut cleaning time by 50%. Drive to field or pasture ... spreading takes about a minute. No more wheelbarrow ... manure piles ... disposal costs!

  • Ground-driven (no-PTO) — any 10 HP garden tractor can pull

  • No belts to slip — apron chain is ratchet-driven by one wheel ... beater is chain-driven by opposite wheel

  • 'Bear-claw' beaters quickly shred and spread all types of manure (including that mixed with straw or hay), plus shavings, grass clippings and compost

  • Simple to operate — up front controls for apron chain and beater

  • Fully assembled — ready to go

  • Well balanced ... for moving by hand

  • Ideal for 1 - 6 stalls

  • Not a toy! Ruggedly constructed. Performs just like the big expensive spreaders