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When you first talk with Laura Romfh, there are a few things you will probably notice immediately. She’s the kind of girl you’d want in your book club or wine club or whatever type club you might be a part of because she’s such a fun, smart and down to earth person. She’s also got a great sense of humor, such as when asked about any funny memories from when she first started Romfh Equestrian:

“I was 25-26 when I started my business, and SO. VERY. SERIOUS. I think it was because I felt so young and insecure in what I was doing. Whenever I see photos from that time period, I always laugh because of my 'resting b!tch face'. LOL,” she laughs. She was even fun enough to send a photo!

My resting bitch face.JPG
Laura (on the left)

Laura (on the left)

Growing up on the west coast in an equestrian family, she first enjoyed lessons at the Olde Adobe Riding Club, then progressed to the Shasta Valley and Skaget Valley Pony Clubs. As she competed more, she headed into the dressage and eventing disciplines.

Romfh was very shy as a child, though clearly obsessed at a young age with horses and riding. “I read every horse book I could get my hands on, watched every horse movie, but most of all, I drew horses.” She cites her love of art, riding and horses with getting her through her childhood. “Music, art and fashion were my obsession in high school. It was my inspiration leading me to major in Fashion Design in college.” After high school, Laura attended the Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles, CA.

Romfh’s first photo shoot.

Romfh’s first photo shoot.

The inspiration for her first piece, the Romfh CoolMax Show Shirt, came about in part from her love of the outdoors – everything from running, hiking and back-packing. The fabrics she would wear while traversing mountains and trails kept her cool and comfortable, making her realize how much those qualities were lacking in the equestrian world. The Romfh CoolMax Show Shirt was “designed to fit and flatter a woman's curves, wick the moisture from her skin, as well as giving her more room for air-flow inside her show coat.” The shirt was soon picked up by Dover Saddlery and Romfh was ready to rock.

Early in her career, Laura knew she would own and manage her own business one day, as throughout college she would doodle logos and play with ideas for possible businesses. After just 5 years of working for other people, Laura took the knowledge she’d gained and started her own company – Romfh Equestrian, at the “ripe old age of 25.”

The company has grown in the years since she set out, but several things remain the same, Laura still loves doodling, designing and planning ideas for the future, “soooo many ideas!” Color is a big part of Laura’s inspiration, “I'm always absorbing ideas for color, color combinations and prints while living my life (travel, shopping, museums, movies, etc).”

This is evident in the new limited-edition Artist Print Chill Factor Sun Shirts. Three designs submitted by artists were selected to be printed for the Romfh Spring 2019 line. The shirts include longtime friend, and Southern Pines, SC, based artist/designer, Shelly Gerritsma’s Equi Libre/Navy shirt.

“Romfh apparel has long been my favorite equestrian brand, so when Laura and I became friends and began to collaborate on some of her creative endeavors, it was a huge honor to be asked to design a print for her super popular sun shirt. Being able to collaborate with such a talented fashion designer was a dream come true ... and gaining a friend for life was icing on the cake."

Shelly Gerritsma

Shelly Gerritsma

The two additional designs include the Equi Geo/Navy shirt by Judy Widener, an artist/painter and dressage rider in Wellington, FL, while Romfh’s own sales representative, Darlene Ivy, an “all-around horse lover and equestrian,” painted the elements (seahorse, seashells, and horse bits) for the Sand and Seahorse print.

The shirts are made with Romfh’s Chill-factor™ cooling fabric and treated with POWERFRESH™, an antimicrobial treatment to keep the shirts smelling fresh. This is a new way to approach a line for Romfh, though Laura has worked with print designers in NYC on cute collar linings for their Lindsey and Sarah Show Shirts.

When asked where the idea of using original artwork on Romfh apparel came from, Laura honestly replied that “at my core, I'm an artist. If life were perfect, I'd be making money painting horses (like Judy!), but I HAVE horses and must pay for them, so I do the Romfh line and support artists and equestrians along the way. This way, we can all do what we love!”

Some other riding gear where color pops up this year is the Seraphina Bling Full Grip Breeches with classy bling placed along pockets and seams. “I am in love with our Schuyler Show Shirt - Short Sleeves. They are available in 3 color patterns – white with navy, white with white and white with twilight. All are accented with fun, limited edition NYC prints on the inside of the collar which features gorgeous pearl easy-close snaps.”

Laura and Evie

Laura and Evie

Laura has plenty of time to try out the new lines as her two mares keep her in the saddle as often as she can, “My girls are my children. ‘Evie’ is my BIG girl, imported from Holland, just gorgeous. My little girl, ‘Fanny’ ... I bred her mom, ‘Kontessa,’ to get her. She's a goofy, adorable mutt. I did dressage after college until about 6-7 years ago when I switched to jumpers, then eventing. I rarely, if ever, actually compete (no time!) but I am extremely well practiced at everything!”

Just as Laura’s riding career has progressed through several disciplines, Romfh sponsors riders in a range of disciplines as well. Some of those riders include eventers Sinead Halpin and Whitney Weston.

As Weston exclaims, "I am honored to be a Romfh rider. They make riding wear for everybody, with a special eye to fit, fabrics, and style. When I cross the finish, I want to do so wearing Romfh clothing!"

They also work with FEI Dressage rider, Jessica “JJ” Tate; Schuyler Riley, an international show jumper and Michael Tokaruk, a Hunter-Jumper rider, among several other talented equestrians.

Whitney Weston, coaching a student and wearing her Romfh gear!

Whitney Weston, coaching a student and wearing her Romfh gear!

  • Advice from Laura for Riders and Entrepreneurs: Don't be afraid and don't let people discourage you from your goals and dreams!

  • Laura’s favorite song - Blank Space – Taylor Swift

  • Laura’s favorite food - Sushi!

  • Laura’s favorite place to visit - Toss-up between Hong Kong and Vancouver, BC

  • Laura’s favorite Game of Thrones character {Laura is an avid fan!} – Dany – “I relate to her in soooo many ways; I need some dragons, though.”

    Take a look at for all the options, colors and cool gear you need this show season and beyond!