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Post Ride Leg Care for the Dressage Horse with JJ Tate

“Taking proper care of your horse’s legs post work out is an extremely important part of keeping your equine partner performing at its best…”

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Auburn Labs – Taking you where you want to go

"‘'We quickly saw the benefits of adaptogens for people and then I tried them on my mare, who was very sensitive with lots of muscle tension…’”

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Protequus® is driven by integrity, innovation, and ingenuity

"Out of tragedy [losing a beloved show horse overnight to colic] Jeffrey Schab hopes to help save the lives of horses with NIGHTWATCH®.”

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Hand to Hoof to Paw ... Coat Defense

"…the nation’s top grooms, riders and veterinarians were using, and highly recommending, Coat Defense to combat skin issues…”

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For the love of the horse…and teaching! [Equine Chiro]

"...[Veterinary] Chiropractic Care focuses on the horses’ neuromuscular system and keeping this system firing at full potential...”

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Five Top 10 Eventers are Hay Steamers

"Five of the U.S. current top 10-ranked eventers count on Haygain steamed hay for their horses…”

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Maintain Your Horse’s Safety on Fourth of July

"Implement these safety best practices to help celebrate Independence Day with the greatest display of all – a safe, injury-free horse.”

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