Around the Water Trough

What’s in Your Barn?
An Efficient Solution to Flies and Heat

By Karleen Hubley, HorseFlyNets®

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Years ago, I wanted to build a barn. I had spent enough time in other people’s barns, and it was time to build my own. I had a lot of ideas ... but most importantly, my ideal space needed to be “labor saving,” in that I did not want to make my chores at the barn labor intensive. The barn needed easy access to the run-in shed and stall. While, the stall and run-in needed access to the field, I didn’t want to have to walk horses back and forth to fields.

After talking with farm owners, friends and researching some options, advice was taken, and our good ideas were put into effect. Several horse owners suggested that the run-in should face southeast. But, southeast faces the morning sun and Virginia is hot in the summer! To block the heat and glare, we put up strips of fabric. It was a good idea to block the sun, but it didn’t look very appealing!

Once again, we researched options and eventually we found a manufacturer of sports netting. We placed an order for the sizes we needed, the shades were easily installed, and they WORKED. Soon the space was shady, cooler and there was the bonus of less flies in the run-in shed. Why do the nets help keep flies out? Flies prefer sun light to darkness. Without sun light flies will stop entering a space, plus the area behind the nets becomes cooler. A win, win situation. My horses quickly discovered that by walking through the curtain of netting they would find their food, hay, water and salt block. Soon they figured out that a stroll through the net would also brush flies off their back and away from their face. They found it cooler behind the net and stayed there until the sun shifted to another side of the shed.

Our clients, that span the US, agree, "thanks again for making such a functional product. It saves me lots of time as I don't have to bring the horses into their stalls so I don't have to clean, and money (less bedding and hay) because they can be outside with access to their pasture."

It was great luck that the material we found was American made and blocked 80% UV rays.  

The horses can see through it, unlike a tarp, as well as easily walk through it. The see-through breathable screen will last for years. It is made of polyester vinyl coated and heat sealed on the edges with brass grommets about every foot. It has no chemicals added. Adding this product to our barn not only benefited our home and horses, but soon turned into a much-needed equestrian company – HorseFlyNets®! After 14 years in business we have helped hundreds of other horse owners with fly, sun and bird problems in barns and run-in-sheds by selling them HorseFlyNets®.

HorseFlyNets® come in any size and they are custom made and shipped directly from the factory saving our customers money. HorseFlyNets® are easy to install with brass grommets standard all the way around the net in approximately 1-foot intervals, simply post on the wooden beams across openings of a run-in shed, horse barn or overhang. The nets can be folded back a few holes to allow horses or people to pass through or can be fitted to cover the entire opening. When temperatures change in the fall it is easy to unhook the net and role it up to store for the next hot, buggy summer.

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Our website, offers 20 sizes, making it easy to order on-line; custom sizes are available as well. Questions? We are located in Southern Pines, North Carolina. Feel free to contact HorseFlyNet at or 910.725.2115.